My story

Oh hey there chums! My name is Hannah Tidswell and I am twenty years old from Cheshire, England. how exciting ey?
Basically I'm a wannabe traveller.. after plenty of doubts and the famous phrase "oh I can't do it" (sounding familiar to anyone?)
I decided f*** it! I'm going to go these places because I want to.

side note: I will try not to swear too much.

I'm forever going to places with my family in the UK, get there, take a billion pictures, come home and then when its time for me to look at my photographs I think bloomin' eck what is this place and where is it. Don't get me wrong, I don't forget everywhere I go but we could say this is a somewhat Travel diary for myself, so I can look back and say to myself "that's what that bloody place was called!"
So venturing round the UK is all well and good, but of course I'm not going to settle for just that when there's the rest of the world waiting just outside my front door.
Just imagine all the food/people/lifestyles/cultures/views & food again, that is around this big world all its takes is one person to have

Courage, Open mind, Determination & a Smile.
(A smile is the same in every language)

It just so happened that the first letter of each of these things spells CODS, so cods it shall be.

I'm not going to just post about where I've been with a bunch of photographs all the time either, I understand that there can be a lot of planning, organisation, packing and effort to taking even the smallest of trips. So I want to share with you and take you on my journey with my packing tips, plans, personal experiences, opinions & be in contact with these amazing people that share there personal experiences, ideas and accomplishments.
Have all your fingers and toes crossed for me while I wish for these big adventures. ;)


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