Packing for a trip.

Packing/Planning can be a giant pain in the butt!
(Tilt your heads to the left, look its a person with their bottom out!) >> O+B=
Anyway, because I make lists of lists of lists in note books about every last bit of planning my holidays & trips, I assumed it would be of use to some people for me to pack together the lists I have posted. You will have to bare in mind that not everyone of these packing lists will apply to you and your trip but I will explain at the start of each packing list the facts about the trip.
Destination: Spain, Europe
Length of Trip: One week
Type of  Trip: Holiday/SightSeeing

Destination: Pretoria, South Africa
Length of Trip: Two Months
Type of Trip: Volunteering (Animals)/ Adventure

So without further ado.

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