Whitby Week

An easter trip is an annual occurance with the Tidswell's. Me, my mum, dad, sister, brother, cousins, uncle & the boyfriend all stayed in a lovely house called "The Old Vicarage" in Ugthorpe Village, in the North Yorkshire MOORS, Just a few miles out the little town of Whitby. Heres the house below.

What started off as a painful journey up to the North Yorkshire MOORS with traffic jams, to finally get there and see this magnificent house as we rolled up the drive way was just super cool to say the least!

This is the church that lay right across the small road from our house. The Local gardner Bob, shared with us that there was a secret passage leading from our house under to the road into the church, not that we found it however.

Thought i'd share these pictures of my dog, when we were stuck in the traffic jam. 
Greedy Amba! BYE!

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